Terms of purchase

CovidLabs offers sampling for ongoing infection of Covid-19 as well as the issuance of freshness / travel certificates for Covid-19 to individuals and companies. We collaborate with Encia AB for sampling and Synlab Medilab for biomedical analyzes. To be able to use CovidLabs, you must be over 18 years of age or have the approval of a guardian. Furthermore, you need a mobile phone and an email account.


CovidLabs reserves the right to change prices and is not responsible for errors caused by or attributable to the Laboratory used for analysis or mailing of the samples. CovidLabs only provides feedback with test results and issues freshness / travel certificates. If you feel that you may be in need of medical care or of seeing a doctor after receiving test results, you should contact your nearest healthcare provider directly. CovidLabs is not a substitute for traditional healthcare. CovidLabs follows the regulations of the Consumer Purchase Act (1990: 932) as well as other laws that regulate consumers' purchases in a consumer relationship.

Customers who purchase sampling for the issuance of a certificate where the test result shows ongoing infection will not receive a certificate but will have to pay full price for the service according to the current price. In the event of a positive test result, CovidLabs will perform infection tracking in accordance with current guidelines.

In the case of certificates that reach the customer after more than two days after sampling, CovidLabs reimburses the customer for the cost of the purchased service, CovidLabs disclaims any additional costs that arise in connection with a delayed certificate.

When a customer makes a booking that contains incorrect information (such as name, social security number, passport number, etc.) that causes delays in travel certificates, CovidLabs does not take responsibility.

Payment and fees

CovidLabs uses Klarna's payment service. Klarna presents the payment options that can be offered to you. Current payment options that may currently be offered through Klarna are invoice, installment payment, card payment or direct payment via bank. Invoice is the default payment option where possible. When paying with an invoice, Klarnas' invoice terms applicable at any time apply; currently 14 days credit, a reminder fee will be added in case of non-payment. If you have shopped for less than SEK 60, SEK 29.00 will be added, and if you have shopped for SEK 60 or more, SEK 60.00 will be added in the reminder fee. Also a default interest rate corresponding to 24% plus the reference interest rate set by the Riksbank at any given time. It costs nothing to use Klarna. Any taxes or fees may, however, be added through the selected payment option, see the individual payment terms for the option you choose. Klarna may at any time add or remove one or more payment options from those offered in Klarna.

Right of withdrawal / Cancellation

After booking, you can cancel your time up to 2 hours before the visit occurs, after which there is no refund of the purchase.

Refunds are not made automatically upon cancellation. In case of cancellation, send an email to info@covidlabs.se with receipt number, clinic to which cancellation refers and time and date for the canceled time. Once the cancellation is approved, it takes 2-3 banking days before the refund is made.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service, we ask you to send a message and express your views.