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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

When do I get my travel certificate? / When will I receive my test result?

See response times below: PCR test in Stockholm and Uppsala Test answer/travel certificate is sent via encrypted email within 22 hours. PCR test in other locations Test answer/travel certificate is sent via encrypted email within 34 hours. Sampling with Antigen Test: Certificate directly in hand at the visit. Analysis of the test take about 15 minutes, after which the nurse signs the travel certificate.

What information does the travel certificate contain?

Our travel certificates are issued in English and are signed and stamped by licensed doctors. Your travel certificate contains your personal information including your passport number, type of test performed, the type of equipment used in the analysis, the lab that performed the analysis and that your test result showed negative for Covid-19. If you have a Swedish social security number, your certificate will also be available via Covidbevis provided by the Swedish e-health agency.

When are you open for testing?

* Available times of the day vary, but it is mainly mornings that sampling takes place. Stockholm & Uppsala Sampling Monday - Friday. Other locations Sampling Monday - Thursdays. Open on Sundays in Gävle.

Where are you? / Where are your sampling points?

Our sampling points are located at the following addresses: Stockholm - 10 locations
Uppsala - Kungsgatan 43 (Synlab Medilab)
Uppsala- Kålsängsgränd 10D (Encia Health Clinics)
Sundsvall - Centralgatan 14 (Encia Health Clinics)
Gävle - Nygatan 40 (Encia Health Clinics)
Falun - Åsgatan 55 (Encia Health Clinics)
Örebro - Drottninggatan 38 (Encia Health Clinics)
Norrköping - Drottninggatan 32 (Encia Health Clinics)
Karlstad - Bryggaregatan 11 (Encia Health Clinics)
Kalmar - Stortorget 32 (Encia Health Clinics) * Any entry code is included in the booking confirmation which is sent via SMS.

What is RT PCR-testing?

An RT PCR test is a so-called nasopharyngeal test, which means that you top with a stick far back in the nose. The sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis. The test result shows only a negative or positive answer for active Covid-19 infection. A negative answer means that you are infection-free and have no ongoing infection at the time of the sampling.

What is antigen testing?

An antigen test (lateral flow test) is a so-called nasopharyngeal test, which means that you top with a stick far back in the nose. The test result shows only a negative or positive answer for active Covid-19 infection. A negative answer means that you are infection-free and have no ongoing infection at the time of the sampling. The test result is obtained approximately 15 minutes after the sample has been taken. The certificate is signed by a licenced nurse.

What type of test do I need for my certificate?

CovidLabs' policy is not to answer what type of test is needed for your particular certificate as rules are constantly changing. We refer our customers who are unsure to IATA Travel Services who continuously update this information

Do you accept drop-in visits?

NO, none of our receptions accepts drop-in visits. All visits need to be booked and paid for in advance via our online booking service.

Can I pay with cash for my travel certificate?

NO, we only accept payments via the online booking service.

Do you use an accredited laboratory for RT-PCR analyzes?

YES. All our RT-PCR tests are analyzed at SYNLAB Medilab laboratory, Täby Stockholm with Real Time PCR m2000 from Abbott. SYNLAB Medilab is ISO-15189: 2012 accredited.

What types of tests do you offer?

We offer testing with RT PCR tests at all clinics and antigen tests (lateral flow test) in Sundsvall, Gävle, Västerås, Örebro, Norrköping and Kalmar

Why do you have different response times for PCR tests for different clinics?

As our clinics are located in geographically different places with varying access to express deliveries, feedback can take place at different speeds depending on which clinic the test was taken at.

Why do you have different prices for RT-PCR tests at different clinics?

The price variation is mainly due to the fact that different clinics have different transport solutions, which affects the price.

Do you perform testing on children?

YES. we perform sampling on children over 2 years.

Can I visit your clinics to book an appointment?

NO. We only accept bookings via the online booking service on our website.

I can't make a reservation via your online booking service?

This can be due to various things, see the most common causes below: 1) There are no free times for the date you are trying to book -> test if you find times for another date. 2) In the booking box you have missed to enter information in one of the mandatory fields -> fill in the requested in the red marked fields and try again. 3) Your browser is not compatible with our booking service -> try to make the booking through another browser or try using another device.

I can't make a payment?

It can be due to different things: 1) The payment provider does not accept your card -> try to pay with another card or choose another payment method 2) Your browser does not support payment solutions -> try to make a booking and payment via another browser or device.

I can't enter one of your clinics, no entry code

In the text message that was sent as a booking confirmation, there is am entry code specified for the clinics that require this

When should I book an appointment for a travel certificate / What applies to my trip?

Are you uncertain about what rules apply for the country you are travelling to? Don't worry, we are here to help. Contact our travel certificate guides via phone or mail and they will provide you with the information you need for your travel certificate. Phone: 08 - 16 09 99 E-mail: info@covidlabs.se We do not cooperate with any travel company or airline and therefore can not offer other times than those available through our booking service just to match the specific departure time.

How do I get my certificate?

For a PCR test: The certificate is sent in PDF and PNG format via encrypted e-mail to the e-mail address specified in the booking information. If you have a swedish security number your certificate is also available via Covidbevis provided by the Swedish e-Health Agency. For an antigen test: Certificate during the visit. Note that analysis takes about 15 minutes after sampling.

Can I recieve my test result/travel certificate sooner than stated in you info?

NO. We can't guarantee test results/travel certificates any sooner than what our information state nor can we prioritize any tests.

Do you send travel certificates on weekends and holidays?

Yes, we send travel certificates during weekends and holidays.

Canceled appointment and refund

You can cancel your appointment via the link attached in the booking confirmation via mail and text message. You can also contact us via mail and phone to cancel your appointment. Refund when appointment is canceled is not automatic. You need to contact us at info@covidlabs.se to recieve your refund. When a refund is handeled it normally takes 2-3 banking days before you recieve your money.

I haven't recieved my travel certificate, what should I do?

If you haven't recieved your travel certificate and guaranteed time has passed, the most common problem is that your travel certificate has been sorted into your inbox for junk mail. So please start by looking into you junk mail if you haven't recieved your travel certificate. If you can't find your travel certificate in your junk mail inbox please contact info@covidlabs.se

What happens if my test result i positive?

If your test result is positive, i.e. that you have an active Covid-19 infection, no travel certificate is issued. You will receive notification about this with the advise to self isolate while awaiting contact from one of our medical doctors. One of our medical doctors will contact you with information about how you should proceed, the Swedish CDC is also informed via SMI-net. No refund is made for a positive test result.

My certificate is not available via Covidbevis but I have received the certificate from Covidlabs, what do I do?

If you have had your certificate sent to you via encrypted email from Covidlabs but do not find it on Covidbevis, contact the eHealth Agency, which will then help you further. NOTE: Only if you have a swedish social security number.

Can my result be positive due to vaccination?

No,taking you vaccine does not give you a positive result