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Covid certificate 

Digital COVID-19 certificates will make travel within Europe easier during the coronavirus pandemic. If you test negative you will receive a covid travel certificate.

How does it work?

  • Find out what rules that applies to your destination due to Covid-19. If you are uncertain what regulations your destination have you can call Covidlabs travel planner.

  • Make you purchase and your reservation

  • The test is taken by our medical personnel 

  • The test sample is analyzed

  • If the result is negative the result is reported to E-hälsomyndigheten

  • E-hälsomyndigheten creates a test certificate (only for customers with Swedish personal number)

  • If you have a digital inbox such as Kivra your test certificate is sent to it

  • If you do not have a digital inbox Covidlabs will send you the certificate by secure email


*The information on this page is collected from e-halsomyndigheten

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